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South Asian Monitor is a premier online news portal offering its readers the latest news, informed views and analysis of the South Asian region and beyond. Dedicated to high-quality journalism, authentic news and unbiased analysis, this news portal reaches out to readers around the world who seek updates of the unfolding events of the region as well as a discerning analysis of current affairs.

South Asian Monitor, with its headquarters in Malaysia, was launched in 2016, along with a team of experienced correspondents dedicated to investigative journalism, the very top political, economic and social commentators also contribute to South Asian Monitor in regular columns from the various countries of the region.

South Asian Monitor is committed to the truth and to the fight against fake news. Our strength lies in our readership and we refuse to offer them anything but the best. We don’t expect them to accept anything less.

South Asian Monitor presently is brought out in English and Bengali. As we have expanded our coverage from South Asia and have essentially turned global, we plan to bring out our portal in more languages of the region, in response to the demand of our readership.

The news portal also has a vibrant video and audio section, offering coverage of news, features and a variety of presentations from around the region. 

Headed by the editor Irtiza Nasim Ali, our correspondents are from all the countries of the South Asian region and beyond. Irtiza Nasim Ali, with over 40 years of experience in journalism, is a strategic analyst and expert on conflict reporting with an astute knack for news and a thorough knowledge and understanding of the region. He has worked extensively as a journalist in his own country Bangladesh where he was editor of PROBE News Magazine, an investigative news weekly which had won a reputation for digging deep into stories told and untold. He was the first journalist from Bangladesh to cover the Gulf War upfront, to reveal the beginnings of the Maoist movement in Nepal, the civil war in Sri Lanka and much more. He has now expanded his horizons by bringing out South Asian Monitor which has emerged as a mirror and mouthpiece of the region. He was also the Managing Editor of The New York Times International Edition in Bangladesh.

As the world goes global, so does South Asian Monitor and its readership.