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Pentagon: US will not provide air support after withdrawal


John Kirby, US Pentagon spokesman, said that the US will not provide air support to the Afghan security forces after the American forces withdraw from the country.

He said that the US will continue its financial cooperation and will provide aid for the repair and maintenance of Afghan aircraft after September.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said that the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) will not face a shortage of equipment.

“We will continue our financial support. One of the things that we want to look at is their contractual needs, particularly aviation maintenance support,” said John Kirby.

He said the Afghan forces must "assume their responsibility" and defend the nation.

“The Afghan National Security and Defense Forces must be ready to assume their responsibility to defend their citizens and their country, our support to the Afghan will be primarily financially-based and certainly we are looking at how we can continue to support in a responsible way some of their contractual requirements,” said Kirby.

“You should have complete confidence that the Afghan security and defense forces will be funded, they will not face any shortage of equipment, you saw that one billion dollars worth of military equipment was transfered to the brave and honest members of the Afghan security forces,” said Ashraf Ghani.