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Bangladesh has 5th lowest netizens


Nearly 10 crore people in Bangladesh are still out of the internet coverage, according to an article published on August 12 by visual-content provider Visual Capitalist. 

The country placed fifth in terms of the highest number of people remaining unconnected to the web. Around 59 percent of its population is still not connected to the internet until the end of January 2020. 

The article mentioned around 97.43 million people were deprived of the web in Bangladesh.

The article was based on the information from DataReportal.

According to the DataReportal, the total number of internet users on any device was 66.44 million in Bangladesh – 41 percent of the total population – at the end of January 2020.  

Globally, over 3.2 billion people – 40 percent of the world's total population – remain unconnected to the internet.

The highest number of people disconnected from the web live in the South Asian region, accounting for 1.012 billion.

Among the countries, India tops the list of disconnected people around the world.  

More than 685 million of these "unconnected" people live in India, 50 percent of the country's population.

Due to the large number of disconnected people, India has emerged as the top country in the world's disconnected league table followed by China, (582.06 million), Pakistan (142.35 million) and Nigeria (118.06 million).

BTRC data differs

According to the data available with the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), in a month, internet users in the country was 99.246 million, which is 32.85 million higher than DataReportal's estimation.

At the end of June 2020, according to BTRC, 103.476 million people used the internet, while 92.72 percent of them were mobile internet users.

Meanwhile, mobile internet speed in the country is assumed as one of the slowest in the world.

In the recent edition of the global report from DataReportal in July 2020, Bangladesh placed in the bottom fifth country in terms of mobile internet speed. Although the year-on-year growth rate is more than 10 percent, which is the third lowest among the bottom ten countries.

The average speed of mobile internet connection was 10.53 MBPS in July.

Surprisingly, in January the average speed of mobile internet was 10.80 MBPS, indicating the mobile internet speed was constant or declined in the first half of 2020.

Additionally, in July global average mobile internet speed was 34.67 MBPS.

In the 138th countries' list, Afghanistan placed the bottom followed by Palestine, Venezuela and Sudan.

South Korea is listed as the highest mobile internet speed providing country followed by the United Arab Emirates, China and Qatar.