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Khaleda to go abroad for treatment if permitted


Khaleda Zia’s family has applied for an extension of the suspension of her prison sentence and also for permission to go abroad for medical treatment. The application, signed by Khaleda Zia’s brother Shameem Iskander, was submitted to the home ministry on Tuesday.

Sources in BNP informed that they expected the government to grant their appeal.

Khaleda Zia’s six-month release comes conditionally. One of the conditions is she cannot leave the country. Her family wants this condition to be lifted.

After the verdict in the corruption case against her, BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia was sent to jail on 8 February 2018. On 25 March this year she was released for six months under executive order of the government. The government suspended her sentence for this span of time. Her six-month suspended sentence will end on 24 September.

Sources close to Khaleda Zia’s family told that she was seriously unwell. They had wanted her release so she may undergo medical treatment, but this had not been possible due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The BNP chairperson had last undergone treatment in London and, before that, in the US. She hasn’t had any follow-up on her treatment for the last few years. That is why her family has requested that her release be extended. They want her to be granted permanent bail and have appealed that the head of government takes steps in this regard.

Home ministry sources have said that they have received the application from Khaleda Zia’s family. The application has been sent to the law ministry. There are a few other steps after which it will be submitted for the prime minister’s approval. Only after that, a decision will be taken.

Home minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said, “They have applied to us because the six-month release is to end shortly. They want an extension.”

Khaleda Zia last went to London on 15 July 2017 for treatment of her eye and leg. She stayed their three months and returned on 18 October. This time, if allowed, she is likely to go to London again, it is speculated.

BNP joint secretary general Mahbubuddin Khokan on Saturday night, speaking to newsmen in front of the BNP chairperson’s house, confirmed that her family had applied for an extension of the suspension of her sentence so that she may go abroad for better medical treatment.