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SM Shafiuddin Ahmed made new army chief

He Will Also Be Promoted To The Rank Of General Before Taking Up The New Position


Lieutenant General SM Shafiuddin Ahmed has been made the new chief of staff of Bangladesh Army.

The Defence Ministry made the announcement today issuing a gazette notification in this regard.

SM Shafiuddin Ahmed's tenure will start from 24 June and he will serve the post for the next three years.

He will replace current army chief General Aziz Ahmed.

Shafiuddin will also be promoted to the rank of General before taking up the new charge.

Lt Gen Shafiuddin, was serving as the quartermaster General at the Army Headquarters.

Commissioned in the 9th Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA) Long Course in 1983 in the infantry corps, Lt Gen Shafiuddin previously served as the general commanding officer of Army Training and Doctrine Command (ARTDOC).

In 2012, he became the general officer commanding of the 19th Infantry Division.

In his career, Lt Gen Shafiuddin has also served as a director general of the Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BISS) and senior directing staff at the National Defence College.

He also played a key role in UN peacekeeping missions as deputy force commander in the Central African Republic.

Lt Col Abdullah Ibne Jayed, director of Inter Service Public Relations Directorate, confirmed the appointment.