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Video shows man killed in Bangladesh during Durga Puja? no, it's an old incident

The Video Showing A Murder On The Streets Of Bangladesh Was An Old One From May.


A gruesome video showing a man being hacked to death by two men has been shared by several social media users with a claim that it shows the killing of a Bangladeshi Hindu man called Jatan Saha.

Saha was reportedly murdered outside a temple at Noakhali as incidents of communal violence erupted in the country amid the Durga Puja celebrations following social media posts over alleged desecration of the Holy Quran.

However, we found that video which is being shared as 'Saha's murder' was from an incident in May where a trader called Shahinuddin was killed by some miscreants over a property dispute. The murder, that happened in the capital city of Dhaka, was widely reported in Bangladeshi media and the accused in the case have been arrested.

People who shared the video viral video claimed that the video showed Saha being "killed by Islamists in Bangladesh". In one of the tweets carrying the video, a floating text can be seen which says "Noakhali incident is true".

Several other social media users shared the video with the same claim.

BJP general secretary for Bongaon Organisational district, Debdas Mondal, also shared the video on his Twitter profile.

BJP general secretary for Bongaon Organisational district Debdas Mondal's post.