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Onus of Galwan clash not on China: Chinese envoy

Sun Weidong

As the border stand-off between India and China completes 100 days, Chinese ambassador to India Sun Weidong has stated that the “onus is not on China” for the June 15 Galwan Valley incident in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed.

In a Chinese embassy’s magazine China-India review, published in New Delhi, the Chinese envoy has written, “If one analyses this incident carefully, it’s quite clear that the onus is not on China. The Indian side crossed the LAC for provocation and attacked the Chinese border troops. The Indian forces seriously violated agreements on border issues between the two countries and severely violated basic norms governing international relations.

“We urge the Indian side to conduct a thorough investigation, hold the violators accountable, strictly discipline the frontline troops, and immediately stop all provocative acts to ensure such incidents will not occur again,” Sun stated.

His statements are a reiteration of the past positions and statements, but the fact that the Chinese embassy has decided to reiterate this claim after 100 days is being perceived as hardening of Beijing’s stance after three months of stand-off.

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The talks between the two sides have not made headway, despite five rounds of military commander-level talks, four rounds of diplomat-level talks and the July 5 Special Representative-level conversation.

“In any relationship, there are ups and downs. The recent border issue and unfortunate incident between China and India should not detract from the forward-looking vision of the bilateral partnership charted by our two leaders, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Sun said in the signed piece.

The magazine also has an article on the banning of 59 Chinese apps, which was protested by the Chinese government.

It also has speeches and statements made during the border stand-off and articles on the Belt and Road Initiative India opposes. It has articles on the Covid-19 pandemic and how China tackled the health emergency. It also has articles on the China-Africa summit, China’s economic recovery and on the NSA law in Hong Kong. It also talks about US “interference” in the Uighur issue. The magazine has a piece on the Communist Party of China’s 99th anniversary this year. And, the last section is about the latest book on Xi.