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The friendship between Bangladesh and India has been said to be one of the most mysterious example of enmity where some defines it as unconditional love whereas the rest define is otherwise. Indo-Bangla news mainly covers the details of the relationship these two countries share. Bangladesh and India are South Asian neighbors. Diplomatic Relations between the two countries was followed by the visit of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 19th March 1972, at Dhaka, where the she had signed the Indo-Bangladesh Treaty of Friendship, Co-operation and Peace Relations, popularly known as the 'Indira-Mujib Treaty of 1972, with then Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This treaty is the foundation of Indo Bangla

Indo-bangla news

news throughout the world. The historic land boundary agreement was signed on 6 June 2015 which opened a new era in the relations and further stopped all irritants in ties. The two countries share many cultural ties. The relations between the 2 countries have usually been friendly, although sometimes there are border disputes which is the most unpleasant part of Indo-Bangla news. Deaths of Bangladeshi citizens in the Indo-Bangladesh border became one of the embarrassments between the two nation's bilateral relations in recent years. The so-called ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy by India's Border Security Forces (BSF) that according to Human Rights Watch killed nearly 1,000 Bangladeshis between 2001 and 2011 has remained at the core of the talks between Bangladeshi and Indian officials visiting each other occupying the most important Indo-Bangla news. In September 2011, the two countries signed a major accord on border demarcation to end the 4-decade old disputes over boundaries. This came to be known as the Tin Bigha corridor. India also granted 24-hour access to Bangladeshi citizens in the Tin Bigha Corridor. The agreement included exchange of adversely held enclaves, involving 51,000 people spread over 111 Indian enclaves in Bangladesh and 51 Bangladeshi enclaves in India. An interesting fact, revealed by Indo-Bangla news says that as one of the main immediate neighbors surrounding Bangladesh, India naturally occupies a pivotal position in its foreign policy. But of course, the geographic conditions, economic interactions, energy supplies, trade links, ethno‐cultural proximity and historical linkages provide a plethora of opportunities for close, cordial and co‐operative relations between the two countries.