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Although the United States has started evacuating its soldiers from Kabul airport, hundreds of Afghans with legal documents for evacuation have been unable to board and leave the country.

All the US soldiers are expected to leave Kabul airport by August 31, but still hundreds of Afghans are waiting outside the airport for evacuation.

A number of Afghans with legal documents for evacuation said they have not been able to leave the country.

“Some people who had no documents and passports entered the airport, but others who have documents were not able to make it in,” said Jamil, a Kabul resident waiting outside the airport.

“We want someone to talk to the foreigners to solve the problem of those holding evacuation documents,” said Mir Agha, a resident of Kabul.

People holding evacuation documents said due to crowds they have not been able to pass the gates and reach the foreign soldiers responsible for evacuation.

“No one helps us. On the first day we went to the main gate. We were forced to leave there. Then we went to another gate, and another gate,” said Ali Mohammad, an Afghan attempting to evacuate.

“It has been four days and nights that we are here and our destiny is not known. We have documents, but no one pays attention to us,” said Mohammad Zarif, an Afghan waiting outside the airport.

The United States had deployed 5,800 soldiers in Kabul airport to evacuate US citizens and at-risk Afghans.

US officials have said in the last two weeks they have evacuated around 120,000 Afghan and foreign nationals from Afghanistan.

In recent few days, the US soldiers have started departing Kabul while Germany and UK soldiers have already left Afghanistan.

The United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday said all British diplomats and civil servants have left Afghanistan and the UK’s diplomatic mission has been stopped in Afghanistan.