We're Live Bangla Sunday, April 02, 2023



Bangladesh's Deputy High Commission in Kolkata issued a press release, on Wednesday, against certain web portals it finds are publishing false news.

According to the press release, the web portals are based in India's northeastern region.

"It has recently come to our notice that several web portals based in India's northeastern region have published totally false and baseless articles, and rumors, against the honorable prime minister, honorable ministers and advisers, military and security forces, and intelligence agencies of Bangladesh," the press release read.

"Most notably, the said portals have run distorted and photoshopped images of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan, in an attempt to hurt the existing friendly ties between Bangladesh and India," it continued.

The press release named a few of the web portals and linked them to a discredited Indian journalist, who has a history of practicing such activities.

"We understand that these web portals, namely theeasternlink.com, nenow.in and lookeast.in, are operated by or under the auspices of a discredited Indian journalist who has prior track record of disseminating false information about Bangladesh," the press release added.

"In 2017, the said journalist published a baseless and debunked article suggesting a deadly coup and murder attempt against the prime minister of Bangladesh. In addition, these portals have published spurious and provocative articles about Bangladesh's military and security forces, lacking any sense of journalistic integrity," it continued.

Bangladesh's Deputy High Commission condemned the disinformation campaign targeting Bangladesh and urged all concerned to disregard the false information peddled.