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Bangladesh extends Covid-19 restrictions till June 30

Bangladesh's government has extended the restrictions on movement till June 30 to curb the further spread of novel coronavirus in the country.

The cabinet division issued a circular in this regard today.

According to the circular, no one will be allowed to leave their homes from 8pm to 6 am except in case of an emergency. Moreover, people must wear face masks and maintain health guidelines during their stay outside of their homes. 

The staff of all military or paramilitary, government, semi-government, autocratic, semi-autocratic, and private offices located in red and yellow zone areas will enjoy a general holiday during this time. The residents of these areas, who worked in any of the aforementioned offices outside will also remain in the general holiday.

However, the aforementioned offices located in the green zone will run their activities on a limited scale. Sick and at-risk individuals, as well as pregnant women of the green zone area, will stay on leave.  

Besides, the offices, staff, and transportation of law enforcement agencies and all other emergency services – such as relief distribution, health services, electricity, water, gas, fire service, ports, telephone and internet, postal service, etc – will remain outside the purview of the restrictions.

Markets, groceries, and shopping malls must close by 4pm and social distancing has to be maintained while buying and selling in those places.

The movement of all kinds of goods carrying vehicles will continue on roads and waterways.

Additionally, the authorities of all factories -including pharmaceutical, agricultural, production, and export-oriented industries- could run their factories upon ensuring security and health services of their workers.

During the restrictions, educational institutions are not allowed to open but online classes and distance learning are permitted. The educational institutions may run administrative activities during the restriction period.

The notification also said the Bangladesh Bank will issue the instructions regarding running regional based banking systems.

Public transport, airlines plus railway and waterway services may run on a limited scale with a fixed number of passengers in areas beyond red zones.