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Second Vice President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh at an event on International Day of Peace called on the Taliban to not disrupt unity among Afghans when it comes to a religious basis for the peace negotiations in Doha.

Sources have said that out of the three disputed issues in the talks, one is the religious basis for the negotiations, which the Taliban is insisting be Hanafi jurisprudence.

“On behalf of the Shias of Afghanistan, I urge the Taliban not to make attempt to disrupt the friendship and unity among the people of Afghanistan,” Danesh said, adding that Afghanistan’s peace “belongs to everyone,” not to any specific group.

Danesh expressed hope that the direct negotiations start as soon as possible and that the contested issues do not continue to cause delays and that neither side in the talks should impose their views on each other.

He reiterated that the negotiators should be patient and that no peace plan should threaten the national unity of Afghans.

“The negotiating team should talk until there is no disputed point,” said Danesh.

Meanwhile, Danesh said his remarks about Ahmad Shah Durani and King Amanullah in Bamiyan were misinterpreted and that he has respect for all ethnic groups and figures in the country.

Danesh said in Bamiyan that royal rules are like an emirate's, which ruled Afghanistan by a dictatorship.

“Our remarks the other day in Bamiyan about comparing a republic government and royal rules was misinterpreted by some. We all should have respect for culture and history and figures like Ahmad Shah and Amanullah Khan,” said Danesh.

Danesh said that voting, elections, and the peaceful transfer of power determine the legitimacy of governments and political systems in Afghanistan, which can only happen in a republic.