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India and Pakistan were among the 12 other nations that have abstained from voting on a UN Human Rights Council resolution which primarily focused on the deteriorating situation in Ukraine due to Russia's constant aggression.

China and Eritrea were the only two nations to vote against the resolution among the 47 member body, reports the Times of India. 

India, meanwhile, called for respect and protection of the human rights of Ukrainians and reiterated its "abiding commitment to global promotion and protection of human rights" in a balancing act during the discussions which took place before the voting. 

Earlier in March, the South Asian country had also abstained from voting on the resolution that established the commission of Inquiry.

However, it has been condemning the civilian killings in Bucha and showed its support for the calls for an independent probe. 

India has abstained from all resolutions and procedural votes, which have tallied up to 12, on Ukraine in various UN bodies. 

In the past, India has not supported any "intrusive" measures against any other nation. 

India's permanent representative in Geneva I M Pandey said, "The situation had further deteriorated since the Council last discussed this issue in March."

"From the reports coming out of Ukraine, it is evident that women and children have been disproportionately impacted and that they form the bulk of those who have moved to neighboring countries and been displaced internally in Ukraine," he said adding India supports all efforts to alleviate the suffering of the people of Ukraine. The official reiterated India's position that the contemporary global order is based on international law, the UN Charter, and respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states."