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Disarray and disorder in Indian National Congress

“It is not hours but for days that party loyalists used to wait for an appointment with the Gandhis,” said M J Akbar, a newspaper editor turned politician. Now a BJP MP, Akbar was once a Rajiv Gandhi loyalist. “Such dynastic behavior does not work in today's politics. Frankly, the party started losing touch with its electorate after Indira Gandhi. Every party engages in vote bank politics but the Congress was entirely focused on it and had lost touch with the broader masses. Lackadaisical governance added to the debit side,” Akbar said. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: 


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Myanmar polls likely to be subdued, with Suu Kyi win expected

Myanmar polls likely to be subdued, with Suu Kyi win expected
Aung San Suu Kyi attends a flag-raising ceremony to mark the first day of election campaigning at the National League for Democracy party’s temporary headquarters in Naypyidaw. Photograph: Aung Shine/AP

Like South Korea and Singapore before it, Myanmar is now heading towards national polls, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. The election is set for Nov 8. Compared to the 2015 General Election, when the NLD rode on national optimism to win a landslide victory, the 2020 event has been injected with an element of uncertainty. "This is totally different compared to the previous general election. So many townships in Yangon region are locked down and we can't engage with our voters," said Ms Htoot May, an Upper House lawmaker who is now an independent in the race to be Yangon region's Rakhine ethnic affairs minister.

People may be too fearful to come out to vote, she warned. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE:

China-India border tensions: PLA bombers, air defense troops, paratroopers deployed in plateau region

China-India border dispute PLA bombers pictured close to troubled region
China is thought to have deployed as least three H-6 bombers near its disputed border with India. Photo: Weibo

Following renewed border tensions between China and India over the past two weeks due to the latest Indian provocations, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) has been reportedly mobilizing forces, including bombers, air defense troops, artillery, armored vehicles, paratroopers, special forces and infantry units, from different parts of the country to the bordering plateau region, a move that shows the PLA's capability and determination to safeguard the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, analysts said on Wednesday. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: 

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for brokering UAE-Israel deal

Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize for brokering UAE-Israel deal

US President Donald Trump on Wednesday was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the controversial normalization deal between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel. The nomination was submitted by Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a four-term member of the Norwegian parliament, who told Fox News why he found the president deserving. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: 


Pakistan in talks with China for J-10 fighter jets to neutralize Indian Rafales Report

Pakistan in talks with China for J-10 fighter jets to neutralize Indian Rafales Report

Faced with conflicts against two of its neighbours India is rapidly acquiring military hardware. However, Pakistan is weighing out its own strategic plans as Islamabad is exploring the latest missiles and jets from its key ally China including the J-10 fighters which are considered 4.5 generation jets similar to the advanced version of the F-16s of the US. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: 

New Sino-Russian submarine, Bangladesh could be a potential buyer!

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Unlike the US Navy, both Russia and China continue to operate non-nuclear attack submarines in addition to nuclear ones. They are cheaper and have some advantages compared to nuclear boats, especially inshore. And they can be exported to other countries. Now Russia and China may pool their knowledge to develop a new generation of non-nuclear subs. But exactly what it will be, or why, is still a mystery. Possibly the new submarine is not intended for the domestic navies of either country. Both compete on the international market, mainly with conventional attack submarines. China is getting an ever bigger share of this market with sales to Thailand, Bangladesh and Pakistan. A combined submarine may be a commercial consideration. TO READ FULL ARTICLE CLICK HERE: