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Myanmar’s military regime has slammed foreign diplomats and legislators, the United Nations and international organizations for extending support to the parallel National Unity Government (NUG) and its parliamentary committee despite its objections.

Both NUG and its parliamentary Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw (CRPH) were formed by elected lawmakers of the National League for Democracy and their ethnic allies in the wake of the Feb. 1 coup.

Since its formation in April, the NUG has been lobbying for international recognition as Myanmar’s legitimate government while supporting striking civil servants and resistance forces against the regime inside the country.

The junta-controlled Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement that foreign government officials and parliamentarians have been in contact with the NUG and CRPH – which it branded as unlawful and terrorist associations – despite its strong objections.

The statement was issued after the European Parliament voted to recognize the NUG and CRPH as the legitimate representatives of Myanmar. The European Union’s parliamentary acknowledgment on Thursday came as a major embarrassment to the regime, which seeks international recognition as the rightful caretaker government.

Earlier, the French Senate voted unanimously to recognize the civilian government. The NUG has also set up representative offices in the United States, UK, France, the Czech Republic, Australia and South Korea.

International recognition and the establishment of NUG offices abroad could encourage domestic terrorism and hamper efforts to establish a multiparty democracy in Myanmar, the regime’s foreign ministry stated.

It said it was domestic interference and called on the international community not to condone terrorism and help the military government fight all forms of terrorism.

The NUG, which has enjoyed popular support at home and abroad, declared war on the regime in September, taking the ongoing armed struggle against the junta to another level.