We're Live Bangla Thursday, August 11, 2022



Padma Bridge has been opened for vehicular movement from 6am today.

Hundreds of vehicles were seen gathering on the Dhaka-Mawa Expressway since early morning on Sunday. The concerned authorities have also made proper preparations to control the situation.

As soon as the bridge was opened for traffic, 14 toll gates on both sides were opened.

Around 100 buses of different companies will make their maiden trips via the Padma Bridge on this morning.

A motorcyclist will have to pay Tk100 to cross the Padma Bridge, while the toll is Tk2,400 for a large bus with three axles and Tk2,800 for a medium truck.

In addition, the rate has been set at Tk1,600 for a mini truck (up to five tonnes); Tk2,100 for a medium truck (5-8 tonnes); Tk2,800 for a medium truck (8-11 tonnes); Tk5,500 for truck (up to three axle) and Tk6,000 for trailer (up to four axles). An additional Tk1,500 will be charged for each axle for a trailer larger than four axles.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated the plaque the 6.15-kilometre Padma Bridge on Saturday. She paid toll as the first traveller on the bridge.