We're Live Bangla Monday, November 30, 2020



The leaders and activists of different Islamist political parties on Tuesday started to gather in front of the Embassy of France in Dhaka to protest against French President Emmanuel Macron, who criticised Islamists and vowed not to "give up cartoons" depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Confirming the matter, Abul Hassan, officer-in-charge of Gulshan Police Station, told The Business Standard, "Many people have gathered at the Embassy area and police enhanced security measures in Gulshan area."

In recent days, a call to boycott French products has grown in the Arab world and beyond, after the French president Emmanuel Macron criticised Islamists and made the comment of not giving up cartoons" depicting the Prophet Mohammed.  

France on October 25 urged Middle Eastern countries to stop retail companies from boycotting French products.

Macron's comment came in response to the beheading of a teacher, Samuel Paty, outside his school in a suburb outside Paris earlier this month, after he had shown cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed during a class he was leading on free speech.

The teacher became the target of an online hate campaign over his choice of lesson material -- the same images that unleashed a bloody assault by Islamist gunmen on the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the original publisher, in January 2015.