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Annotation 2020-09-04 093700

The Indian Army, in collaboration with Pune-based NGO Aseem, has launched a new initiative to aid the rehabilitation of former insurgents in Assam. As part of the self-employment project titled ‘Manufacture of Tamul Plates’, former insurgents are being employed to manufacture biodegradable and cost-effective ‘Tamul plates’ that are made from the leaves and barks of arecanut trees. According to a statement released by the Indian Army Thursday, this is a pilot project that is operational in the Borrangajuli village in Tamulpur district at the moment. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK BELOW:


UN calls for probe into rights violations in Kashmir

Annotation 2020-09-04 093720

The UN has again called on India to probe alleged cases of forced disappearance and mass graves in Jammu and Kashmir. In a letter this week addressed to the Indian government, at least nine UN rapporteurs also asked New Delhi to reconsider the closure of the State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) in the disputed region. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK BELOW:


Travel, transport and catering sectors will lead Pakistan’s post-COVID recovery

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As far as I know, COVID-19 has had the most serious impact on the catering industry, retail industry and tourism industry, and then, once the pandemic is over, these industries will surely take the lead in recovery. The reason is very simple. When COVID-19 is over, people may first think of enjoying delicious food in restaurants, experiencing offline shopping, traveling to other places or foreign countries to see the world. The flow of people and logistics will drive the recovery of the transportation industry, so I think the transportation industry will also be the first to recover. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK BELOW:


BBC boss Tim Davie to crack down on staff airing views on social media

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The new director general said the BBC had to focus on impartiality to address accusations of bias from politicians on both sides of the political divide. “If you want to be an opinionated columnist or a partisan campaigner on social media then that is a valid choice, but you should not be working at the BBC,” he said in a speech to staff at the BBC’s office in Cardiff. Davie said staff would have to adhere to new social media rules that will be “rigorously enforced”. TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK BELOW :