We're Live Bangla Sunday, December 04, 2022


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As a result of the US drone strike in Kabul in PD15 on Sunday evening, 10 people including five children have been killed, said relatives of the victims.

While the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) has said that the drone targeted a vehicle carrying Daesh suicide bombers trying to attack Kabul airport, local people and victims’ relatives say all those killed are civilians belonging to one family.

According to local residents, two vehicles and several houses were also destroyed in the attack.

The attack targeted a car full of civilians, relatives say.

“If I were with them, I would have also been killed. My brother was a good man, he was like a father to us,” said Ajmal a relative of the victims.

“They have created a horrifying incident. Children were killed, they were burned. Bodies were slain. Our neighbors came and extinguished the car fire,” said Aimal, the father of a victim.

CENTCOM, however, has said an investigation has begun into the reports of civilian casualties.

The Taliban told TOLOnews that those killed in the attack were civilians.

“The incident happened when the father left the car while the children were inside,” said Gharibullah, a relative of the victims.

Najibullah, another relative, called the attack a crime against humanity. “This incident is a crime against humanity. If there are human rights, if there is an investigation, they should secure justice. We are neither Taliban nor Daesh or former employees of the government,” he said.