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China's cooperation with developing countries are for common development, says envoy


China - Maldives relations are of mutual benefit to both countries, China’s Ambassador to the Maldives, Zhang Lizhong has stated.

The ambassador wrote the statement on social media platform Twitter while sharing an article published by ‘The Diplomat’ titled ‘Has India Won the Match Over Maldives?’. The article was written by Sudha Ramachandran, an Indian journalist based in Bangalore who frequently writes on South Asian political and security issues, especially India- Maldives, India-China and Sri-Lanka- China relations.

Ambassador Zhang in his tweet said China’s assistance towards developing countries are for the common development of both countries. China does not ‘play one partner against the other’, said Zhang.

Commenting on China- Maldives friendship, the ambassador said the relations between both countries is of mutual benefit and that China does not wish to benefit itself while causing disadvantage to its allies.

The relations between Maldives and China strengthened significantly during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s tenure. China aided Maldives with several development projects due to which the relations between Maldives and India became strained. However, the current administration of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih maintains a close relationship with India while the relationship with China has somewhat dimmed.