We're Live Bangla Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cinemas in Bhutan to reopen Monday with strict guidelines in place


The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has permitted local cinemas to resume service.

Authorities ordered for all cinemas to suspend services on March 16, 2021 after COVID-19 cases started increasing in the Maldives.

HPA on Sunday announced that cinema halls can open from January 25 with the necessary precautions in place. Guidelines on reopening cinemas have now been publicized by HPA.

According to the guidelines, a 3ft distance must be kept between all families and groups using the cinema halls. Details of all show-goers must be properly logged, and the use of face masks inside the halls will be made mandatory. Temperature checks must be conducted at the entrances, and arrangements must be made such that those coming in for different shows do not mingle. The sale of food and drink at the theatres will not be permitted. All frequently touched surfaces must be disinfected after each show, and doors and windows must be opened from time to time to allow air circulation.

Authorities urged those who with symptoms of COVID-19 not to visit cinemas. Employees who exhibit symptoms must not report to work, the guidelines further said.