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Maldives launches India backed infrastructure projects

Annotation 2020-08-28 073052

A ground-breaking ceremony for development of the Hulhumalé Central Park and renovation of the Arrival Jetty in Maldives financed by India was held on Thursday marking yet another milestone in Delhi's growing partnership with Male.

Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid, Hulhumalé MP Ali Niyaz, High Commissioner Sunjay Sudhir, MD of Housing Development Corporation Limited (HDC) Suhail Ahmed and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives participated in the event.

The project is being executed by the HDC through an approximate 10 million Maldivian Rupee grant assistance from India. It is included under the 18 grant projects being funded by India in the Maldives under a total grant assistance of USD 6.9 million (MVR 106 million) extended in 2019.

The High Commissioner stated that the development of the Central Park and renovation of Jetty in Hulhumalé would serve to expand the infrastructure in Hulhumalé and contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the residents.

He also mentioned that India was honoured to be associated with another high-impact grant project in Hulhumalé, namely, furnishing and securing of the Fiyavathi orphanage to make it a safe and secure space for the children it provides shelter to.

The Central Park is the heart of Hulhumalé, the reclaimed island near Malé being developed to meet the existing and future housing, industrial and commercial development demands of the Malé region.

Along with providing housing and commercial opportunities, Hulhumalé seeks to provide a respite from the congested lifestyle of the capital. In this context, the development of open, green spaces is integral tothe urban planning design of Hulhumalé.

India is privileged to partner with HDC for the development of the Recreational, Interactive and Leisure zones of the Central park in Hulhumalé, according to an official statement. This includes development of all the lawn areas, outdoor seating, bicycle route and paving of pathways. India’s grant assistance also includes, within its scope, renovation of the Hulhumalé Arrival Jetty which is the first point of contact for all tourists and visitors who arrive in Hulhumalé by Ferry.

Under the USD 800 million LoC, India is also partnering with the Government of Maldives to construct a State-of-the-art Cricket Stadium and a Cancer Hospital in Hulhumalé. It is a matter of pride for India to participate in the development of Hulhumalé which has rapidly emerged as a smart urban space in the Greater Malé Region.

"The philosophy of India’s grant projects in the Maldives is to create socially impactful assets for local residents, generate employment opportunities and provide impetus to the development of the local economy. Swift execution of the Hulhumalé Central Park and Arrival Jetty project will further augment the prestige Hulhumalé and enrich the quality of life that it offers to its residents," according to the statement.