We're Live Bangla Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Nasheed will run for 2023 presidential election: Eva


Deputy Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has said that President of MDP and Former President Mohamed Nasheed will contest in MDP's primary to nominate a candidate for next year's presidential election.

She made this statement during the campaign visit to Kulhudhuffushi of North Maafannu MP Imthiyaz Fahmy (Inthi), who is contesting in the party's chairperson election.

Speaking at the function, Eva said that 2023 requires a government of the MDP.

"We want a MDP government for 2023. Nasheed will run for the 2023 election," said Eva in a 38 second video circulated on social media.

Although MDP is the current ruling party, two factions within the party have been formed. Some back President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih while others support Nasheed. There has been heated clashes between the two factions.

While Eva said that Nasheed will be contesting in the MDP primary for next year's presidential election, he had also contested in the party's 2008 primary. However, Elections Commission (EC) had decided not to accept the party's first presidential primary during that year.

MDP's presidential primary was held after Elections had declared Nasheed ineligible to run in the presidential election and issued a court order to stop the election. Voting was stopped at some of the polling stations and ballot boxes were taken into police custody.

In the end, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the leader of the party's parliamentary group, was elected as the party's candidate for the presidential elections. MDP won the 2018 elections with the help of the coalition, but recently, the party's internal rift has increased tremendously.

With the increase in animosity between Nasheed and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's faction, Nasheed has stated that this is a failing government and that "the best way for this party at the moment is not to sink with a failing government".

Nasheed said that both MDP and him want ordinary things. That is for any government to be just and corruption free without any differentiation. Nasheed said that investigating the corruption in MMPRC and the corruption related to ventilators that took place during the current administration would gain public confidence.