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Scholars send letter of advice to parliament for conduct against Islam


A letter has been sent to the Parliament by religious scholars over concerns that the parliament's conduct sometimes included actions that go against the tenets of Islam and the Constitution.

The letter signed by five prominent scholars sent to Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, read that those tasked with the responsibility to run an Islamic society were also the ones with the responsibility to uphold the values of the religion and make arrangements to shape the religious policies.

The letter read that for this reason, arrangements within the society have to be made in a manner that ensures that the religious origins and independence, safety, and protection of everything that belongs to the Muslim community is upheld.

The letter further went on to read that the parliament was among those charged with this responsible test at a time when free speech was widely practiced.

“Even if things are like so, it has been observed that the conduct inside the parliament sometimes goes astray from the constitution and the tenets of Islam,” read the letter.

It noted that the recently proposed bill to establish an entertainment center to alleviate the “worries of the youth, allow them to laugh and have fun together” involved such violations of the tenets of Islam and the Constitution.

“No one with good intentions for the country would want to see the youth of the country get shattered in an idea of entertainment and fun without constructive thoughts. Because, the future of the nation is very much placed on the constructive ideology of the youth, which will also be what the next generations born onto their hands will also learn,” read the letter.

The letter read that if things cross a limit, the future of the nation could be lost in ruins. Furthermore, the letter entrusted a will onto the parliament to choose the righteous path of God as well-thinking people who are focused on reforming the world, before noting that God had tasked the parliamentarians to perform this responsibility.

It further condemned the move to establish such an entertainment center stating that the move would pave the way and spread wickedness and evil acts, and would also permit the mixing of the two genders which could make it the norm. Permitting such activities would also rip the cloth of piousness and integrity, and allowing such activity even slightly would see the parliamentarians left with the responsibility for these acts in front of God. The letter also willed onto the parliamentarians to repent and fear God.

“The stated environment is not something permitted or allowed even a bit by any scholar in history or modern times, and have unanimously agreed that it cannot be allowed,” read the letter.

The letter read that it was a reminder for the parliamentarians and to save the society from the wrath of God, for committing such acts warned about by God.

The letter was signed by Dr. Mohamed Iyaz, Sheikh Ali Zahir, Sheikh Abdulla Mohamed, Sheikh Nimal Mohamed, and Sheikh Ibrahim Fareed.