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Open letter warns China of attacks on projects in Myanmar


More than 500 civil and political organizations have warned China of possible attacks on its investments in Myanmar if Beijing maintains its ties with the military regime.

In their open letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping, 558 civil society organizations, groups representing striking staff, academics, political parties, labor unions and parliamentarians said they feared Chinese investment would be targeted by resistance forces.

Despite the public rejection of the regime, China is still engaging with the junta and is one of the top investors in Myanmar with energy pipelines and a proposed port in Rakhine State that would give China access to the Indian Ocean.

China recently said it was ready to work with Myanmar’s junta to develop its major projects “no matter how the situation changes”.

The affirmation sparked threats of resistance attacks on Chinese-owned copper mines in Sagaing Region.

The open letter to the Chinese Embassy in Yangon said China could be seen as an accomplice to the oppressive junta.

“So China should resume its relations with Myanmar to support in rehabilitation only when the military regime is toppled,” it said.

Ko Ye from Stop Blood-Stained Money, an activist group lobbying to cut off the regime’s financial sources, which signed the letter, said if China supports the regime diplomatically or financially, the revolution will last longer. 

“Chinese investments will be safe if China either stands with the people or stays neutral,” he said.

Tayzar San, a prominent anti-regime protest leader in Mandalay, denounced China.

“China needs to respect the will of the people. It has to stop supporting the junta,” he said.