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UEC yet to confirm PACE monitoring of the 2020 general election


The Executive Director Sai Ye Kyaw Swar Myint of the People’s Alliance for Credible Elections (PACE) said that Union Election Commission (UEC) had not yet given his organization an official reply as to whether they will be permitted to observe the upcoming 2020 general elections in November.

The UEC gave the reason of not having an official association registration under the law as the reason to block the organization from monitoring the 2020 general elections.

PACE executive director Sai Ye Kyaw Swar Myint said, “We visited the UEC and met them on Tuesday. And then the Director General of UEC told us to get Form (5) for registration of our association and then they would give us permission for observation on elections. Then we went this office and have got Form (5) and we have already submitted this form after filling up but they have not yet said anything until now for giving permission for observation. We have to wait and see.”

PACE has reportedly submitted this Form (5) to UEC on August 18.

After the press conference held on August 14, UEC member Myint Naing said to reporters that the commission gave permission to PACE to observe the holding of the general elections.

It is unclear how the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts to curb it will affect the election and the monitoring of it.