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The country of Gautama Buddha, Nepal is a landlocked country of south Asia. It has been well-known to the world for having the great mountain range of Himalayas and the Earth’s highest peak Mount Everest in its territory. Back in early 19th century, Nepal news drew attention through the exploration updates of the conquerors of Mount Everest. But now a days, Nepal news has attained a broader dimension as the country has recently been divided into seven provinces replacing former 14 administrative zones. The education system in Nepal is said to be below the mark and at least 1% of its population leave the country every year to get


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better schooling. In 2015, a devastating earthquake occupied the major portion of Nepal news which was a big stroke to the Nepal economy. Nepal is famous for tourism and one of its main source of income is generated from promoting tourism. Nepal news is a great source of information to the tourists especially who searches for the destination for rafting, paragliding, zip flying, kayaking and mountain climbing. But recent Nepal news reveals that the country has suspended all Everest expeditions over coronavirus fears. So, the economy ahead of this land should be prepared to face a rapid slowdown according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Again, though not frequently, Nepal has a considerable flood history from the very beginning till the last one which has visited along with Bangladesh and India. The consequences of global warming have had the most adverse impact in developing and mountainous countries like Nepal, which can be more adverse in future. The country has already called for raising a fund jointly for the least developed countries under the UNFCCC. So, it is obvious that now the Nepal news will focus on the corona virus infection, taken initiatives to face this catastrophe, strength of health sector, recently visited flood and upcoming economic crisis.