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Nepal’s new aviation policy’ll let private individuals own aircraft


The government of Nepal is introducing a new aviation policy that allows private individuals and companies own and operate aircraft for personal use.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has recently finalised the draft of the new policy. Now, it will be reviewed by stakeholders before its official endorsement and implementation.

As per the draft, private individuals and firms can buy and operate single-engine aircraft for personal and training uses. A regulatory body will set terms and conditions for such use. Once registered for individual purposes, the aircraft cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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Security conditions for such aircraft will be as same as that for commercial aircraft.

Meanwhile, the policy will put an end to the import of the aircraft that are more than 12 years old. Till now, the aircraft up to 15 years of age have been allowed for import.

The policy has also proposed an independent probe commission to investigate aircraft crash incidents. International Civil Aviation Organisation and European Union have been pressing Nepal for such a body to improve security measures.