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Pakistan tops the list of countries applying for UK citizenship

They Accumulated Data Based On Both Application Numbers And Google Searches For Various Nations Applying And Searching For Citizenship Between July 2020 And June 2021. They Also Monitored Data Released By The Home Office In The UK.


According to a recent study, Pakistan has topped the list of countries applying for the UK citizenship.

India ranked second in the spot of applying for UK citizenship records the study conducted by PACK & SEND. PACK & SEND is the international freight and courier company that has been monitoring the data for the last one year about the people interested in coming to the UK from different countries.

They accumulated data based on both application numbers and Google searches for various nations applying and searching for citizenship between July 2020 and June 2021.

They also monitored data released by The Home Office in the UK. The research stated that while EU nationals were applying for citizenship in large numbers Pakistan and India topped the list. This makes Pakistan and India the countries applying for citizenship with the highest numbers from out of the bloc.

The Home Office received 8,888 applications submitted by Pakistani nationals in the timeframe, followed by India with 7,253. Italy ranked third at 6,000 and Romania with over 5,000 and Poland with over 4,000. Pakistani nationals certainly searched for how to apply for UK citizenship.

The study comes at a time when the UK is suffering from a labor crisis and significant shortages of workers in various fields. The study also analyzed where the UK nationals were interested in moving to. People in the UK are most likely searching for Canadian citizenship with over 15,000 searched being made.

In the third and fourth spots are Australia and France with a little over 10,000 and 12,000 searches made respectively.

Canada, however, ranked the highest in the global searches for citizenship. The North American country was searched 651,000 times globally. The UK is the third most searched country when it comes to people looking for citizenship. The country is being searched some 290,000 times.