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Sara Gill Khan becomes first transgender doctor in Pakistan


Sara Gill Khan has become the first transgender doctor in Pakistan. She passed her professional exam of MBBS from Jinnah Medical and Dental College in Karachi.

Sara informed that she was enrolled in the university as a male. Her class fellows knew about her identity but that was never discussed. Sara said that her parents insisted that she should pose as a male.

She said, “They insisted that I pose as a boy throughout my life despite knowing that I am not. They said that I am selfish and did not consider the respect that the family would lose after I declare myself transgender. Every transgender has to face the same situation.”

She said in an interview before completion of her MBBS degree, “My family warned me that if I declare myself as a transgender, they will stop paying for my studies. Now I will have to arrange for my next year’s fee on my own.”

According to some reports, she even attempted suicide several times. “A normal person can never understand our state of mind. It is like a soul trapped in a wrong body,” she said.

However, the brave doctor said that she runs an NGO Gender Interactive Alliance. “I am not ashamed of my sexuality and the best inspiration is that my community needs me,” she said.

Proud moment for Pakistan

Social media is brimmed with messages of encouragement and appreciation for Sarah Gill Khan. Users are felicitating her on success.

Earlier, Nisha Rao had become the first transgender to take admission in MPhil in Pakistan. She is a transgender activist who is actively pursuing higher studies.

By profession, she is a lawyer and is enrolled in the MPhil program to study law. She voiced her excitement over being enrolled in the Mphil program. “I had been very worried for two months,” she said in an interview with Geo News. “I took the exam in June this year, but was informed just four days ago that I had gotten admission.”